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The association

    Our values

    We support the development of a certified organic agriculture according to the European regulation, plural, and economically viable. Organic farming is a necessary step to any agro-environmental approach.

    We want to develop an efficient organic viticulture that meets the challenges of sustainable development:

    • preserve natural resources: water, air, soil, biodiversity, landscapes, climate;
    • meet consumers expectations concerned about their health and the respect of the environment;
    • produce high quality wines;
    • maintain the dynamism of the region by creating jobs and allowing the installation of young winegrowers;
    • promote both ancestral and the most modern techniques in organic agriculture and winegrowing to be the source of innovation in the wine sector.
    • act to ensure that the commercial links developed between players in the organic wine sector enable everyone to live decently, invest and pass on their passion and conviction to future generations.

    This environmentally friendly production method helps to maintain and improve fertility and soil structure, promotes biodiversity and helps to preserve water and air quality.

    Our missions

    Structured around regional interprofessional associations, France Vin Bio missions are:

    • to bring the voice of organic winemakers to national and international bodies where the future of French organic viticulture is at stake;
    • to be a forum for dialogue between the organic wine regions, in order to bring about joint projects;
    • to promote organic wines nationally and internationally, in partnership with the Organic Agency and interprofessional bodies.
    • to structure the sector by establishing a real dialogue between producers and market makers.


    France Vin Bio : the board

    • Philippe GÉRARD

      Vice president

      Wine brocker for Biovidis SA, Amboise, Val de Loire (37).

    • Nicolas RICHARME


      Winemaker in Côtes du Rhône in the Gard. He manages, with his wife Julie Aubert, the Château Bastet (80 ha) and the Domaine des Cèdres (21 hectares).

    • Anne-Lise GOUJON


      Organic winemaker at the Château Moulin de Lagnet in Saint-Christophe des Bardes (33).

    • Denis GUTHMULLER

      Adjunct treasurer

      Winegrower in Côtes du Rhône in Vaucluse (84).

    • Pascal DOQUET


      Winegrower in Champagne in the Marne (51).


      Assistant Secretary

      Producer and trader at Ampelidae in Vienne (86).

    The members

    France Vin Bio, through the action of its members in the regions and the collective actions carried out within the association, works to structure the national organic wine sector.

    • ACB

      Association des Champagnes Biologiques
      In 1998 a handful of organic wine producers, pioneers of the organic movement in Champagne, created the A.C.B. – Association des Champagnes Biologiques (Association of Organic Champagnes). In 2019 the A.C.B. represents 92 winegrowers and Houses, and around 10 sympathisers.

    • INTERBIO Nouvelle-Aquitaine

      INTERBIO Nouvelle Aquitaine, regional relay for the Agence Bio, was created in 2002. Organic winegrowers are represented by Vignerons Bio Nouvelle Aquitaine. This interprofessional association brings together 280 member organizations.

    • Loire Vin Bio

      Created in 2011, Loirevinbio brings together 185 members in 2020, whether they are producers, wine merchants or distributors.

    • Sud Vin Bio

      Sudvinbio was created in 1991 and brings together 450 producers and brokers from the Occitanie region. Sudvinbio is the organiser of the Millésime Bio fair and the Challenge Millésime Bio contest.

    • Sud-Est Vin Bio

      Sud-Est Vin Bio was created in 2019 and brings together 110 producers and wine merchants from Provence and the Rhône Valley.

    • VBNA – Vignerons Bio Nouvelle-Aquitaine

      Vignerons Bio Nouvelle-Aquitaine, created in 1995, aims to develop a successful and sustainable viticulture in a spirit of exchange and solidarity. The syndicate brings together more than 200 organic winemakers from all the wine producing areas in the region.